Wednesday, August 25, 2004


In the category of "First kill all the lawyers..." Wired news reports that This Land really does belong to you and me.

Rob Galbraith has an in depth review of the Canon 20D. If you hadn't guessed, that is my next camera. Rob notes that the 20D is more camera than first glance might indicate.
While the initial selling price of the 20D will be roughly the same as the EOS 10D when it first shipped in 2003 (about US$1500 in the US), and the 20D sure looks like the 10D too, in almost every other way the specifications of Canon's latest digital SLR suggest it's targeted at newspaper photographers in smaller markets, up-and-coming wedding shooters and others who need both a responsive, versatile camera and a high-quality, high-resolution image file. It looks like Canon set out to build the EOS-1D Mark II's little brother.
George of Fool in the Forest commented yesterday on the theft of The Scream. George is overly fond of wordplay, but the Daily Show took the prize for the best pun on this subject. Their report was entitled, Felonious Munch. We also shared this take on The Scream.

Sounds and Fury offer two posts on photography. First Adam's Remembered is well worth your time. And secondly, ACD picks up the subject of Color Landscape Photography not passing the Jabberwocky Test. AC and I had a brief exchange on this subject some time back. I maintained that Color Landscape photography could be art, but when we managed to clarify our terminology to include the word "straight", I relented. The point being that Black and White is by nature abstract, while Color requires some intentional manipulation to achieve abstraction.

Caption contest. Winner gets a signed print by your's truly.

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