Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Up and Coming

Went to see the new Harry Potter last night, and must concur with most who have seen it that . Alfonso Cuaron's direction adds subtlety and depth, where before it was an enjoyable but pedestrian retelling of the books.

We were treated to an amazing number of trailers, mostly for up and coming Christmas movies. Most were the usual lot, but there were a couple, based on the trailer, might be worthwhile.

A CGI rendering of The Polar Express. I like CGI animation of the Nemo, Shrek variety, but when they do people, it is kind of like watching shop window mannequins act. Not too sure about this one.

Jim Carrey in multiple roles in Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events. I don't know if Tim Burton is involved in this, but if he's not, he should sue for infringement of style.

For the grownup children, the trailer for Catwoman movie. Halle Berry looks great, and I may have to sneak out to see this. Fun trailer, but what did they do with Batman?
[Update: I hear the buzz on this is terrible. Too bad, nice trailer.]

And last of all, we saw the newest Spiderman trailer. A-Mazing!!! A trailer that practically gets you up out of your seat. Even the wife wants to see this one.

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