Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Mandom Rusings

I wonder if I mangled my syntax along the line or a glaring Spoonerism had found its way into a posting, because the Google ad banner on my blog this morning was linking to a site about dyslexia.

Giving in to consumerism once again, I've succumbed to the sirens' call of an iPod. Every time we take a driving vacation, which is my preferred sort of holiday, I struggle putting together just the right mix of CDs. Books on tape, country music for driving through Bakersfield, Cecilia Bartoli for those majestic vistas, Pink Floyd as I cruise down a lonesome highway, Chris Isaak rolling along PCH. It is a major challenge, and by the time I've returned home I find that I've missed the perfect CD for some bit of scenery, and more than half of what I've packed have never even found its way into the CD player.

Finally the temptation of having, virtually, my entire CD collection on a single device was too great, and when the Wife asked what I wanted for father's day, I said, "iPod, please."

And then there was one... Sad to see that Friedrich von Blowhard is taking an extended hiatus from blogging, and leaving Michael to do all of the heavy lifting. Hurry back.

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